Wyse - Safari targeting active consumers through the digital channels

Wyse launched the UK after spotting a gap in the market, for beautiful cashmere with spirit. At a time when the industry was either exclusively high-end or mass-market, Wyse saw an opportunity to create small batches of expertly cut, excellent quality clothing.

That first handful of cashmere sweaters has now become a collection of the best online fashion which includes silk dresses, denim, and an array of joy-giving knitwear.



Alongside other channels used by Wyse to optimise new customer acquisition, Sub2 were asked to discover the most effective way to exploit the Display channel to drive an increase in traffic and conversions on site.



Sub2’s in house data and analytics team developed a refined audience to target in the display channel that best resembled the Wyse customer. These in market users who were highly likely to convert were targeted to drive additional sales for the brand.

Due to limitations in their tracking capability, Sub2 needed a way to ensure that a core audience for Wyse were still targeted.

We established that 67% of the Wyse conversions came from Safari users. It was clear that alongside tracking conversion metrics, Wyse also needed a way to target these valuable prospective customers.


Sub2 recommended that Wyse adda strategy to target Safari users using our “Signals” cookie-less targeting which uses multiple data inputs aggregated to find targeted new customers in the platforms that are otherwise obscured.

For this, extended solution, Click Through rates were benchmarked against Wyse’s business as usual Click through Rate (CTR) for existing prospecting activity at 0.12% CTR.



The granular targeting that Sub2 were able to facilitate meant an incremental uplift in conversions of 55%.

Sub2 Signals based Safari targeting meant Sub2 were able to generate Wyse a CTR of 1.9%, far exceeding the general target by more than 10x the prospecting benchmark. With 650k impressions in one month alone, together Wyse and Sub2 have opened up a huge new opportunity for profitable growth.      


Contact at Wyse Comments….

“Market changes make it increasingly challenging to target active consumers through the digital channels. The expertise Sub2 possess in turning data into actionable insight really pays bottom line dividends. We’re excited about our relationship withSub2”

Suzy Slavid, Chief Trading Officer

Wyse London