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Defining new standards in the application of Data, Technology and Expertise to deliver real competitive advantage in Digital Marketing .

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why Sub2?

We get the right message to the right people on the right mix of platforms, consistently

Proactively linking your customers and prospects with real-time buying data and aligning your brand with buyers across a customised channel mix.


Data Points every month

86 Audiences

Avg per client for sophisticated targeting

97% Retention

Client Success YoY for Sub2


Avg order value for clients

We are Changing the Digital Agency

Digital is ever evolving. Increasingly, the dynamic duo of data and creativity are steering the wheels of digital performance with unparalleled success.

At Sub2, we deploy data and creativity together to silently power better outcomes. Data is our digital alchemist, turning raw information into insights and information into strategy.

Our approach to Creative breathes life into algorithms and codes. It's the disruptor, the unapologetic game-changer that captures attention, and also retains it, creating an immersive digital experience that cuts through the noise.

Sub2 Data and Creative form the beating heart of better digital performance. It's not just about numbers; it's about telling a compelling story that resonates with the selected audience, delivering measurably better outcomes.

This is a new era of digital advertising. Sub2 redefine what's possible and ensure you don’t just thrive, but lead the digital revolution.

Client Focus

Lifetime Value

Actionable Insight for consistent messages at every touchpoint to improve the value of your customers over time

Customer Aquisition

We will find you the Customers you want to accept across all the digital channels at returns on Ad spend that you’ll love.

Brand Awareness

Targeted full funnel communications via all Sub2 partner channels to in-market consumers with your brand offer.

Data and Tech enabled

Multi Data

Privacy compliant data on billions of customer touchpoints organised in a Single Customer View to ensure better omni-channel marketing outcomes.

Custom Tech Stack

Sub2’s proprietary Tech Stack gives you a Customer Data Platform without the up-front investment. Globally deployable cloud-based solutions now.


Sub2 give you access to all our partners across the marketing funnel to drive brand awareness through market leading creative campaigns.

Full funnel solutions

Sub2 full funnel advertising platforms
We have been impressed with the combination of Sub2 expertise in Data and Technology and their campaign service levels. The results they deliver give us real confidence.
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Lisa Meadows
Head of Marketing
Ripe Insurance
We have been impressed with Sub2’s ability to deliver multiple solutions which answer our strategic objectives. Having the ability to target in-market audiences via digital display has assisted in the generation of new customers.
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Jason Fairclough
Director of Marketing
Sub2 have exceeded our expectations, not only in terms of results, but also in the team’s actions and professionalism. The feedback from my team has also highlighted the pro-active and supportive nature of Sub2. As we continue to build on our plans for the future, I had no concerns in signing a longer-term contract with our new digital agency.
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Angela Porter
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