Superga display campaign achieves a CPA which is 48% lower than the campaign target.

The Company

Superga was born in 1911 in Torino, Italy, when Wallter Martiny started production of rubber-soled footwear. Fast forward a 100+ Years and the company has stores around the globe. With a host of celebrities and even royalty sporting the brands range of footwear.

We have been impressed with Sub2’s ability to deliver multiple solutions which answer our strategic objectives. Having the ability to target in-market audiences via digital display has assisted in the generation of new customers, moreover, we were first encouraged with the incremental improvements we saw week on week and are now happy with the consistent results this channel delivers to the business.  
Jason Fairclough –Director of Marketing

The Brief

While Superga has achieved great success selling products through its stores and retail partners it wanted to increase the number of orders it generated via its own online store. To achieve this goal Superga searched for a partner that could identify in-market audiences that could deliver highly targeted display ads for prospecting and re-targeting.

The solution Superga had already experienced a successful integration with Sub2 technologies, when it licenced it’s trigger e-mail service. As no further technical integration was required for Sub2 to run Superga’s digital display activity an initial trial was set up quickly and seamlessly.

Sub2 utilised its unique “2Share” digital network, of 40+ Million monthly devices, to identify online shoppers that not only looked like Superga customers, but were also actively in-market and shopping for footwear. AI and the Sub2 Tech stack were employed to deliver both prospecting and re-targeting campaigns  which overachieved against the campaigns CPA and ROI targets.

As part of an always on strategy, Superga continues to provide enticing creative assets for different seasons, audience types and calendar events. Sub2 focusses on identifying the most appropriate audiences to target for each campaign cycle.

The Results

The initial 3-month trial performed well within the campaign CPA target. As a result Superga agreed to take an “always-on” approach and results have remained consistent. On average campaign performance achieves CPA’s that are 48% lower than the target CPA.

The Future

Superga continues to use Sub2 for its Trigger e-mails and Display campaigns and has taken advantage of Sub2’s access to the Amazons Audience Platform in order to deliver display campaigns on the worlds largest online marketplace.