QUIZ - Increases its Digital Marketing ROI by 22% by utilising the Sub2’s Proprietary Technology & Data ​

The Company

Quiz was founded in 1993, launching its online store in 2005 to become an international, multi-channel retailer serving the fashion conscious, women’s wear market. It prides itself on delivering catwalk style looks and the latest trends at value for money prices. Thanks to its dynamic buying and design teams and flexible supply chain the latest looks are made available to customers in record time.  

The Challenge

  • Quiz needed to increase its online revenues without increasing its annual paid media budget.
  • The online Fast Fashion market has seen impressive growth  over the past decade, however, with increased competition and new entrants regularly joining the sector, Quiz understood it needed to cut through the noise and reach new and existing customers with relevant and timely communications.

One stop Solution

Quiz understood that to improve paid media efficiencies and deliver a consistent message to customers, it needed to work with a partner that could deliver a holistic strategy across multiple  marketing channels. ​

Quiz also realised it needed a partner that not only operated across multiple digital channels but could also offer deeper insights into the buying behaviours and shopping patterns of their target market. It recognised that a data led approach would provide a competitive advantage and the ability to deliver relevant communications that resonated with new and existing customers.

Quiz was Sub2 Technologies first ever client, the businesses had enjoyed a good working relationship since 2011. Originally Sub2 had provided Software-as-a-Service Solutions to support Quiz’s  customer relationship marketing, however, Quiz was aware that Sub2 had transformed its business model to become a marketing technology business serving 100+ Retail clients.    ​

Quiz recognised its key objectives could be realised by employing Sub2’s digital marketing platform. Now it had the opportunity to deliver multi-channel campaigns which utilised real-time data and sophisticated audience delivery. In short, Sub2’s proprietary digital technology and data could optimise  campaign performance without the need for Quiz to increase its marketing budget.  


As soon as Sub2 were appointed it integrated its technology platform with the Quiz site, SUb2 then employed its media specialists who work across Paid Search, Social and Display to deliver strategic campaigns that reached in-market fast fashion buyers with a focused and consistent message. ​

Deep insights gained from real-time data and the ability to connect with “in-market” devices consistently across multiple channels were the foundation stones of the strategy. Performance was further enhanced by Sub2 initiating its future-proofed cookieless technology to reach audiences using the safari browser. This was essential as the Safari browser blocks third party cookies but accounts for 40% of the Fast Fashion customer market.  

The Results

Within 12 Months Quiz’s total ROI increased by 22%. Actual media spend remained consistent Year on Year while brand engagement improved across all channels. ​

The Future

As the Fast Fashion sector is so competitive Quiz understands the challenge of retaining customer loyalty. While keeping up with the latest trends and delivering impeccable service is paramount, it is also necessary to reach the customer at precisely the right time and speak to the customer in a language they engage with. ​

Quiz and Sub2 have already undertaken an analytical project to identify the current lifetime value of Quiz customers and to determine how this can be improved. Stage 2 involves the creation of customer micro-segments based on buying patterns, social brand engagement, search queries, activity on third party sites and device data. The final stage will involve the use of Sub2’s Customer Data Platform which has the ability to reach the customer micro-segments across all digital channels.