Top Ten Tips of a Trader

Sub2 Technical staff have decades of experience in the Digital Marketing industry. We asked them to share some of their most impactful advice for those wanting to forge a career in the industry or just compare notes on how it should be done. Here’s what they said…

Sub2 Top 10 Tips

1.     Attention to detail - this is very simple to do yet probably the most important thing to deliver when you get your hands dirty! You could be serving the wrong ad to the wrong person or even targeting the wrong country (believe me it happens!).

2.     Don't limit yourself to just focusing on trading – think out of the box, understand the bigger pictures and macro trends. Consumer behaviours all contribute to how successful you will become.

3.     Understanding cross channel synergies - Again, don't only focus on your channel - try to understand how all channels work together and make an impact across channels (at Sub2 we are using our tech to do cross channel targeting really successfully for brand owners).

4.     Keeping up to date with market/tech trends - What's new in the market, what's the hot topic, are there any new social platforms/DSP’s emerging?

5.     Maintaining good relationships with publishers - sometimes they will give you a better deal and think of you when they have a beta test!

6.     Don't be afraid to fail when testing - Test & learn should be the key approach. Not all strategies/tactics work, but when they work, shout it to everyone!

7.     Try to not get caught up in the results day to day, rather try and focus on the activity as a whole and keep an eye on the wider campaign. After all, you won’t have forecasted on a daily basis so why measure that way.

8.     Try to adhere to the 70-20-10 rule – 70% of your budget on tried and tested winning strategies which bring in the lion’s share of results, 20% on new ideas and tests in the same realm as your 70% and 10% on completely out of the box ideas You never know it might just pay off.

9.     Always challenge the platforms and take their advice with a pinch of salt – they’re in the business of making money. Use what you can to benefit your activity rather than the other way around.

10.  Be bold with new ideas to clients and be prepared to challenge their thinking. You might have to send a few casts out, but occasionally you’ll get a big bite which benefits them in the long run. They are paying for your expertise and experience.  

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