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Welcome to Sub2.

We're helping Brand Owners predetermine the images and offers they serve to their online customers based on exactly who those individuals are
and what they are
likely to purchase –

all in realtime

This gives Brand Owners the opportunity to influence customers’ shopping experience at the highest level and present them with tailored offers that are uniquely relevant to them. Sub2 technology is able to target each customer in this precise way using hundreds of data variables. Our permission-based solutions are fully data compliant, incredibly simple to implement and do not demand substantial capital investment.

An added bonus of the Sub2 technology is that we can also recognise non-transactors. By identifying exactly who the individual is, our instantaneous data analysis lets Brand Owners influence the purchasing circle and execute a relevant offline message to re-engage that customer, whether by email, letter or call centre contact.


The Sub2 Data Hub
The whole point of what we do is to enable Brand Owners to combine offline and online consumer data to maximise selling potential.

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How it works

Sub2 are individual data specialists. As a business we know how to manage one-to-one marketing and manipulate data to improve our clients’ online sales and optimise their call centre interaction with customers.

We also understand analytics, prediction and customer segmentation. And because we have vast data resources at our disposal within our Sub2 Data Hub, and know what to do with them, we can create statistical models to score data on any parameters that our clients want.

If you want to find out how the Sub2 Data Hub can help you make the best of your client data then contact us and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

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We’ve developed a whole suite of products to enable you to understand your customers and optimise the data you hold on them. At the heart of Sub2 is the realtime data decisioning engine that we’ve created, based on permissioned, up-to-date, individual data on all UK consumers, which enables us to cleanse, format, data-match, host and consolidate multiple datasets for our clients.

To find out more about Sub2 and how we can help you get right to the heart of your customers’ purchasing profiles, read more about what we do in our Products pages, or get in touch.


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