An estimated 98% of visits are abandoned on websites. That’s a huge amount of wasted resource invested in driving visitors to your site. However an abandoned site visit doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

With 2Prompt you can reach, engage and convert this ‘lost’ audience.



2Prompt is a re-engagement tool that allows you to re-engage with visitors who have left your site without purchasing. How? Browsing data is captured and turned into a triggered personalised message that can be deployed in real time on-site, via email or digital display. Content can be dynamically personalised to display products they were interested in and deliver messages and promotions that would appeal to the audience.

Features & Benefits

2Prompt works at a product, category, basket and checkout levelNo need to log inReal time capabilityPlug and play technology

Not only does 2Prompt work at a basket and checkout level, it also works ‘above the basket’ at both product and category levels. This allows you to target browsers who have placed items in their basket as well as those who have browsed either a particular product or category and then left your site. With 2Prompt you have more opportunities to recover more sales.

2Prompt recognises visitors without the need for them to be logged in so you can identify and target them even when they are not logged in.

We know that relevance and timeliness are everything to the consumer, so 2Prompt has been designed to trigger personalised dynamic messages deployed in real-time via on-site, email or digital display. With 2Prompt there is no batch processing or overnight campaign assimilation, we can reach your web visitors as soon as they have left your site and before they look at your competitors’ websites.

Our technology has been designed to be installed efficiently and is simple to use. All of our services are powered using our unique SaaS technology, meaning there is no capital investment and no demands for IT resources. You can get your campaigns up and running quickly and without facing huge investments in systems and quickly start to see ROI.


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