First impressions are everything online, with the average visitor making a decision about staying on or leaving your website in less than 5 seconds. But how do you make every experience relevant and engaging? After all, a first time visitor coming from voucher site is driven by very different factors to a brand loyal multi-buyer.

With 2Shop, our website personalisation tool, you can deliver individual level messaging, promotions, creative and product selections to your website visitors, creating a personalised website for every visitor that takes account of where they came from and what they have browsed and bought.



Using browsing data from previous and current visits as well as data from the Sub2 hub, 2Shop allows you to personalise the messages, promotions and products displayed to visitors.

By combining real time data and intelligent algorithms 2Shop turns raw data into personalised content in less than 200 milliseconds, all without disrupting the customer experience.

Features & Benefits

Increased click through and conversion ratesReduce abandonment rates2Shop works at a browser and buyer levelReal time capabilityPlug and play technology

By delivering personalised, relevant content based on behavioural data, you can instantly engage with your audience, leading to increased click-through and conversion rates.

By personalising content that the visitor is immediately interested in, combined with bounce technology, 2Shop reduces abandonment rates as well as the number of clicks to purchase.

2Shop uniquely works not only for existing buyers, but also for anonymous browsers. Our intelligent technology recognises your visitor and can personalise their content without the need for them to log in – giving you more opportunities to engage with more visitors.

2Shop can deliver personalised content from the very first browsing session so you can start to provide relevant content and on-site messaging immediately. Our real time capability means that you can engage with visitors in the first and subsequent browsing sessions, encouraging site and brand engagement and increase click through rates to your product pages.

Our technology is easy to install and simple to use. All of our services are powered using our unique SaaS technology so there is no capital investment and no demands for IT resources. The result? You won’t be waiting months to get your campaigns up and running and you can see immediate ROI.


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