As marketers we know lots about website visitors – what they browse and buy, how engaged they are, what they abandoned. Marketers are increasingly using this individual level insight to improve our website experiences for visitors but what if we could use this insight to drive targeting and relevance across other campaigns and channels?

With 2Link you can do exactly that. 2Link provides a connection between valuable online behavioural data and other on and offline communications channels, fuelling intelligent multi-channel communications that will resonate with your audience.

Features & Benefits

Increased campaign performanceConsistent customer experienceReal time feedsSoftware as a Service

2Link provides a unique way to refine and personalise campaigns across other channels. With greater insight you can deliver campaigns that are more engaging and relevant to your customers.

2Link allows you to demonstrate a real understanding of your customers by providing  consistently relevant communications, no matter what the channel.

We know that timing is critical when targeting consumers. Our real time capability means that we can provide data feeds according to your schedule to ensure immediate inclusion in e-mail campaigns, customer database builds and key multi-channel campaigns.

Our technology has been designed to be installed efficiently and is simple to use. All of our services are powered using our unique SaaS technology, meaning there is no capital investment and no demands for IT resources. You can get your campaigns up and running quickly and without facing huge investments in systems and quickly start to see ROI.


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