Until now Digital Display advertising has been driven by basic audience segmentations, but imagine if you could target your Digital Display Advertising based on a granular level understanding of what people are browsing and when they are looking to purchase.

2Share is the first network combining browsing and transactional data. For the first time organisations can access and use browsing and purchasing data together, allowing them to define exactly the right audience.

Features & Benefits

Cost effective acquisitionSimple to implementReach the right audienceThe right timeEnd-to-end solution

No long campaign times or high campaign costs. 2Share can help you generate new customers without the need for lengthy campaign planning and execution or high campaign costs.

Get your Digital Display Advertising up and running in hours. 2Share’s simple plug and play technology means there is no need for lengthy implementation or heavy IT resource.

Use our combination of real time browsing and transactional data to provide granular level insight, allowing you to target each consumer as an individual.

2Share’s real time capabilities allows us to identify exactly when consumers are looking to purchase and importantly, allows you to target them when they are most likely to buy.

Just tell us your target market and we can take care of the rest. We will identify, reach and serve digital display advertising on your behalf.


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