Introducing the CDP lite and why this is a game changer for Advertisers.


One of the biggest trends in the use of data for marketing is of large advertisers using enterprise Customer Data Platforms to be able to turbocharge their marketing and personalisation efforts, look after the needs of their customers and also to be able to comply with regulations. This is giving such companies a significant competitive advantage as it allows them to conduct advanced data driven marketing at scale in a world beyond cookies. The benefit starts with another big trend of marketing in the 2020’s; that of a renewed focus on customer marketing and increasing lifetime customer value. And the benefits don’t end there, as such platforms allow for advanced modelling and lookalikes to drive the whole customer lifecycle and improvements in user experience that benefit Brand and Direct response alike.

Yet what if you are one of the many advertisers without the (considerable) budget required and indeed expertise for a CDP. In that case, you need a CDP lite that has 90pc, the same functionality, achieves the same major use cases and yet costs a fraction of the cost. Crucially too, a CDP lite is easy to install and comes with the support you need to be confident with it. Furthermore, you will have the capability advertisers need very soon after selecting a vendor. The when is important too because a full fat CDP can take a long time to install (often 9 months or more) whereas typically we see our CDP lite fully functional after 2 to 3 months.

Sub2’s CDP solution, 2Communicate, still has all the core functionalities marketers are looking for. It allows you to get a single customer view across your offline and online customers, join together website events and apps, move your data to the cloud for segmentation and AI discovery, provide reports and insights (on business and media performance) and allow for personalisation and media activation in channels you want. The icing on the cake is the modelling capability we have developed that allows us to generate Signals data that offers a cookieless solution for targeting in the major media channels (Paid Search, Paid Social, Display, Video, Connected TV, Digital out of Home). Signals use a probabilistic approach to data using location, context, time and environment data in place of identity. Crucially Signals targeting is delivering consistently excellent results.

So where does it become a CDP lite? By not having to build out and support functionality that is effectively redundant for most advertisers they do not need that level of customisation or the ability to seamlessly integrate with environments most advertisers never touch (such as smart TV app stores or support for vertical specific software). An enterprise CDP needs to have a huge library of connections to different environments for plug and play usage. It needs to have an interface that allows for a huge variety of customisations to be undertaken and to provide enterprise level features and integrations with a huge number of partners. These extra features and options are very useful for global giants, however they are arguably a hindrance for companies without large dedicated teams to handle them. Indeed, much of the missing elements are completely mitigated by companies like Sub2’s commitment to supporting our clients and scoping out the best possible returns on investment for each marketing campaign.

So how have we been able to provide a system that is so much more efficient than anything else available on the market. Quite simply because we know our clients and the data and marketing space and know what is needed. We know the technologies most ecommerce and travel players use. Most advertisers use a small number of technology and platforms that need to be supported (think Google Analytics, Word Press, Shopify, Hubspot, Salesforce). Our engineering and API ability means that we can work with others seamlessly. Our team and technology are designed from the outset to deliver real-world client value quickly meaning it is a seamless and fast process for our clients that fits perfectly into their advertising operations and their ongoing path of marketing improvement.

We have deployed many CDPs for happy advertisers across the UK. As such we know intimately how to get the most out of these systems and provide a fast route to success. These technologies are absolutely vital to customer retention, activation on Safari, being ready for the cookie-less future. We have ready made plans to help our clients solve these issues and crucially improve media ROI, onsite conversion rate and lifetime customer value. These three points more than any other signify the health of those trying to sell goods and services online.

We really believe we have the technology advertisers need in these times. Even large advertisers (of which we work with several) really like our laser focus on delivery, seamless ease of execution and day one focus on driving real-world value. When combined with our in-house modelling and cookie-less data solution, Signals, that open up channels such as Apple Safari that IDs often cannot reach, future proof results boosts are impressive.  For those advertisers who are not able to consider the enterprise solutions, we are a game changer allowing them to compete with the biggest players on an even footing. All of this is underpinned by our talented and passionate team. If any of this is of interest, please get in touch. We would love to understand your challenges and continue our work on helping businesses thrive in tough times. (

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