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Successful companies have relied upon advertising to build their brands ever since the 1950s. Almost all our most familiar brands like Kellogg’s, Coca Cola, McDonalds used TV and out of home advertising to become market leaders.

In the last 20 years online marketing has been used to propel new brands to the summit, from vertical giants like Amazon and Expedia through to the new direct to consumer brands building business from social media. It’s fair to say that almost every successful company with something to sell has relied upon these channels to thrive. Yet today all these pillars of company success are facing huge disruption. A ‘Paradigm Shift’ has been coined perhaps too often to describe changes in the Advertising and Marketing landscape. This time however Advertisers are facing just that.

Television and video channel viewing habits have been transformed in the digital age, both in terms of viewing behaviour and the mechanisms for buying advertising opportunities. Out of home advertising has become largely digital. Digital Marketing itself though is seeing the biggest changes of all.

Digital Marketing is an industry built upon targeting and measurement, defined by digital ID’s and footprints, especially third party cookies. As behemoths like Apple and Google set out to redefine how advertisers target their next customer, a new, privacy compliant approach is essential to stay ahead of the competition.

As we emerge from the global pandemic, already stretched companies need their sales and marketing efforts more than ever to turbocharge them out of this extended period of precious little growth. Smart advertisers have been planning for this and have a head start in three crucial areas to get right in this new era of advertising and consumer targeting.

  • Control and activate their customer data in a privacy first way
  • Deploy cookie-less data solutions that are effective across all channels
  • Establish trusted cross channel measurement.

Digital Data and Advertising experts like Sub2 Technologies have built, tested and delivered exciting, ROI led solutions to these visionary digital advertisers based around technologies and services that work across the purchase cycle. Crucially these solutions are based around three pillars of success.

  • Customer Data Platforms (CDP’s) – Successfully activating customer data requires external expertise. CDP’s thus far have been the exclusive domain of large enterprise systems that require large six figure investment budgets. In this new era, there is a huge demand for CDP solutions that deliver all the essential functionality for a fraction of this cost. Sub2 Technologies’ long pedigree of using CDP technology to drive email and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is now being deployed as a plug and play solution by advertisers with managed support and expertise without the barrier of large capital investment in enterprise CDP solutions. These systems are opening up growth opportunities to new advertisers and driving real success stories across all channels, including display, search, email and on website.
  • Signals – Cookie-less Cohort Data. Combine CDP technology with deep data experience and build Signals, Sub2’s cookie-less data asset that targets customer activation in a privacy led way that fully fits with the future prescribed by Google and Apple. It translates first party data into signals that work across variables including Geo, Context, Time, Weather, Age, demo and more alongside connectors to enable deployment across all major buying platforms. In a world of groups (cohorts) signals allows for advertisers to succeed in cross platform data targeting and find their audience cost effectively
  • Cross Channel Measurement – CDP solutions like the Sub2 platform allows advertisers a next generation view of measurement. It combines a highly reliable first party tracker alongside connections to the large walled gardens first party measurement systems. By bringing this together Sub2 can give advertisers a holistic view of measurement and track it back to new real-world customers in a fully compliant way.

Advertiser ready solutions that work across the purchase cycle. 

If this is indeed a Paradigm shift in the advertising market then these are the essential ingredients that advertisers need in order to quickly respond to the seismic changes afoot across all of their digital marketing (search, display, social, video, email, onsite). At Sub2 we are delighted that the market is moving towards our long-term view of a privacy first industry and also pleased we are best able to help advertisers adapt for this new better world.

Advertisers working with companies like Sub2 are able to leverage solutions seamlessly across the purchase cycle from brand advertising, driving prospects, customer targeting and then providing measurements to insights and optimisation. Is this a blueprint for how successful advertisers need to operate in the privacy first world?

Solutions that are fully road tested across all major channels, including for example Safari browsers, provides advertisers with solutions proven to work for the future, today.

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