The Company

Wall London started 14 years ago as a boutique In Notting Hill. The boutique still remains however Wall London has grown to become a successful mail order and internet business selling womens fashions.

The Challenge

Wall London was aware that they were losing a significant number of their customers who were leaving their site after adding items to their basket.  They currently had no way of reengaging with these customers who had left the website without completing a purchase. With under 3 weeks to go until their summer sale Wall London urgently wanted to put in place an abandoned basket programme to recover lost sales. After reviewing several suppliers, Sub2 Technology was selected to deliver the abandoned basket programme via the 2Prompt product.

Sarah Oliver, Wall London’s Online Marketing Manager explains “We wanted to partner with a company that could provide us with an easy to implement solution that could be delivered in the short timescales we had. We chose Sub2 because 2Prompt was a simple plug and play product that required no capital investment and had the ability to work  on a product level as well, so we could develop the programme in the future.”

The Solution

Sub2 Technology implemented an abandoned basket programme allowing Wall London to reengage with customers who had left the site without completing a purchase. Returning customers or registered users who had not completed a purchase were sent a triggered email when they left the site to drive them back to the site to complete their purchase. The campaign was implemented, tested and launched in 2 ½ weeks in time for the summer sale.

The Results

The results from the campaign were immediate. In the first month of the abandoned basket campaign sales were increased by 7.82% giving Wall London a return on investment of 14:1.

The Future

After the success of the programme, Wall London plan to expand the programme to include abandoned category and product reengagement, allowing them to target registered users and buyers with their last product or category viewed.

We are extremely impressed with the speed and ease of implementation and the immediate impact it has had on our revenue. We are looking forward to working with Sub2 to develop the programme further.

Hernan Baltaz, CEO, Wall London


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