The Company

Silver by Mail designs and creates the finest quality silver jewellery which is sold via their established mail order catalogue and via their eCommerce site.

The Challenge

Silver by Mail have an ongoing customer acquisition programme that was essential to the continued success of the business. Key to this programme was the need to identify new ways to acquire customers at an acceptable acquisition cost in line with established business metrics.

The Solution

Silver by Mail joined the 2Share digital network, allowing them to target individuals matched to their existing customers, based on real-time browsing and purchasing behaviour. 2Share worked by examining what typical websites and browser behaviour Silver by Mail customers exhibited across the 2Share network, then used a real-time in-market bid process to target digital display adverts to these look-a-like individuals who were likely to be in market for purchasing jewellery. Engaged Visitors who visited the site were also retargeted with programmatic display adverts.

The Results

The campaign achieved a cost per acquisition of £9.37 which represented a 25% reduction against targets set. Additionally the campaign achieved an impressive ROI of 5:1. Silver by Mail have incorporated the campaign into their ongoing acquisition programme.

2Share has proved to be a very valuable acquisition channel for us. Being able to reach an audience with such a high propensity to purchase has delivered outstanding results and a valuable new source of acquisition for us.

Gareth Perry, Marketing Director, Silver by Mail


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