The Company

Quiz Clothing is a retailer selling high fashion clothes, shoes and accessories to females ages 18-35 through its stores across the UK, concessions in UK Debenhams and via an online store.

The Challenge

Quiz Clothing had a standard eCommerce site with filters and a search facility allowing visitors to search for the products that they wanted. Generic products were displayed and out of stock items were displayed in the product selections causing increased session abandonment. Quiz Clothing wanted to overcome the limitations of lack of face-to-face contact with website visitors by providing a personal shopper programme that would personalise the customer journey.

Quiz Clothing appointed Sub2 Technologies to create the Personal Shopper Programme using the 2Personalise product. The aim of the Personal Shopper Programme was to provide a tailored shopping experience for each customer showing them the products that were most relevant and also available to purchase within that browsing session.

The Solution

A Personal Shopper Programme was created by Sub2 Technologies that combined data intelligence with innovative technology to drive a real time personal shopping experience. The programme focussed on 3 key areas:

Personal product selections.

using the browsing and transactional data, products in the right size and price category were displayed to visitors from their first browsing session and on subsequent visits

Reduced usability issues.

Out of stock items was the main cause of session abandonment for Quiz Clothing so the Personal Shopper Programme eliminated products that were out of stock and unavailable to purchase in that session.

Real time functionality.

All personalisation was carried out in real time so the Personal Shopper Programme worked from the very first browsing session and without disrupting the visitors usual browsing activity.

The Results

A split test was carried out to compare the personalised site with the non-personalised site. Campaign results have exceeded targets and expectations with:

-a 28% increase in revenue for every browser personalised

-15 to 1 return on investment

Using Sub2 technologies’ 2Personalise product to create a Personal Shopping Programme has allowed us to move the retail and online experience closer together and allowed us to create a consistent brand experience.

The success of the programme is unquestionable from both a customer service and revenue perspective.

Haroun Saleemi, eCommerce Manager, Quiz Clothing


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