ProCook - Measurable Marketing Strategies

The Company


ProCook was started over 20 years ago and was the first company to sell cookware sets by direct mail in the UK. Since then, it has grown into a multi-channel specialist cookware company with over 50 nationwide stores. The company specialises in timeless styles with clean contemporary looks that can happily slot into any kitchen or dining room. What's more nearly everything is own brand and exclusive to ProCook. Its mission is to supply cookware and kitchenware of an outstanding level of quality and design while saving customers up to 50% off other leading brands.



In 2021 ProCook had invested in linear TV campaigns but had become frustrated with the lack of measurement the channel provided. While the business recognised the importance of promoting the company’s brand to drive awareness and growth, it wanted to understand the impact its marketing pound was having on the business. Sub2 were therefore tasked with delivering a brand awareness strategy that utilised more measurable marketing channels.  



Sub2’s in house data and analytics team set to work by profiling ProCook's customers to understand the type of audience segments that could be targeted online. It also considered the location of ProCooks 50+ retail stores to ensure geo-targeting formed part of the awareness strategy.        


The key campaign objectives were to attain maximum reach and engagement with keen “foodies” who could be introduced to the brand and its stylish range of cookware. To ensure the audience was taken on a journey of discovery, Sub2 recommended a contextually relevant multi-channel approach which incorporated YouTube and rich media display.

The key metrics for success were as follows:

- Cost per view (CPV)

- Cost per completed View (CPCV)

- Click Through Rate (CTR)

- Reach (CPM)

- Impressions  


The multi-campaign achieved outstanding results and delivered well beyond the campaign objectives.  Within the first month these were our results -

ProCook Initial Results


Since then, we have expanded to different channels and seeing some fantastic reports.

•       Display Retargeting platform ROI 46

•       YouTube Retargeting platform ROI 25

•       Social Retargeting platform ROI 21




ProCook were exceptionally pleased with the campaign, however, to validate the results further Sub2 recommended running an additional layer of measurement which would prove the value of the activity. Two strategies were employed. In the first month’s activity, a geo hold-out cell was selected where ads were not shown. The test cell achieved a 170% higher engagement level than the control cell.  

In Month 2 a YouTube brand lift survey was activated which identified the campaign achieved a lift of 4% in terms of consumers positive opinion of the ProCook brand.        


Angela Porter, CMO, ProCook  
“Sub2 have exceeded our expectations, not only in terms of results, but also in the team’s actions and professionalism. The feedback from my team has also highlighted the pro-active and supportive nature of Sub2. As we continue to build on our plans for the future, I had no concerns in signing a longer-term contract with our new digital agency.”