The Company

Plümo launched in 1997 sourcing products from around the world, original in design and beautifully hand crafted.

Plümo works with artisans, independent designers and emerging labels, creating collections with strong, modern clothing and unusual accessories.

The Challenge

#1 Plümo were looking for a variety of solutions to help increase the conversion rate of browsers from their website who had either viewed products, or placed items in the shopping basket, but then left the site without making a transaction.

#2 Plümo were also keen to notify browsers who had viewed an item that was currently out of stock and inform them once it became available, as well as communicate with browsers who hadn’t purchased from the website over an agreed time frame so as to avoid them falling into a lapsed customer category.

#3 The final challenge facing Plümo was to help increase the volume of email addresses they held for their online browsers.

The Solution

Plümo appointed Sub2 Technologies to implement an Abandon Basket, Product & Category campaign which triggered an email 1 hour after a browser had left the site, with a follow-up email sent 24 hours later, if a conversion hadn’t been made.  The timings for these triggers were also configurable which allowed Plümo functionality to test and identify optimum time frames.

Sub2 also implemented a Back in Stock Campaign that automatically triggers email to browsers who have browsed an item that was out of stock, and triggers an email once that item becomes available again, ensuring that all potential sales are being maximised.

The final part of the email campaign solution was the introduction of a lapsed customer campaign which sends an email to browsers who haven’t purchased for 3 months with a discount offer to entice them back to purchase.

Alongside the Email Campaigns, Sub2 also set up a Digital Display Re-targeting Campaign specifically aimed at serving digital adverts to browsers who had been to site, but not converted. Working with the client, a budget and CPA was agreed each month using GA forecasting to ensure the budget was spent wisely to achieve maximum returns.

The final addition to the services was the implementing of Sub2’s 2 Shop package, which allows for rules-based Lightboxes to appear on screen to assist with data capture of email addresses. Where an email address has previously been captured, the Lightbox will not appear, and the display of the Lightbox can be configured based on the number of page views or on specific pages. Once a browser enters their email address, Sub2 also triggers a Welcome Email Campaign to all new sign ups.

The Results

After an initial 3-month trial, Plümo were delighted with the positive impact of having all Sub2 services up and running to assist in online conversion and data capture.

Trigger emails have helped generate significant incremental  revenue at an ROI of 29:1, with open rates at around 50%.

Next on the road map, are further plans to look at introducing new trigger campaigns.

Plümo’s first venture into the programmatic display has also been extremely successful, giving an ROI of over 12:1.  This has led to Plümo rolling out the service for a further 12 months.

The addition of Data capture Lightboxes has also provided considerable uplift, generating a sign-up rate of 4%.

It has been really exciting times working with Sub2 across multiple channels to help improve our online conversions and grow our Digital presence. The team are very helpful and extremely quick to make any changes we may need, and are always on hand to recommend new ideas or develop bespoke requirements to help drive our business forward.

It is really useful having just 1 supplier who can manage all of our Online & Email requirements as they have a full holistic view, rather than dealing with numerous individual suppliers whose focus would be just on their single offerings and work independently of each other.

Esther Roth, Founder, Plümo


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