The Company

10 years ago, from around a little kitchen table, came a big idea that would inspire the nation — to bring together the most unique, stylish and never-before-seen products that are hard to find anywhere else.

That’s why Not on the High Street (NOTHS) is home to more than 5,000 of the UK’s best small creative businesses that have been given the platform to do what they do best — surprise everyone with thoughtful gifts, original homeware, unforgettable experiences and more.

The Challenge

NOTHS wanted to find an email solution that helped engage as many browsers who abandon the website as possible, while at the same time, ensuring the e-mails remained relevant and non-intrusive. It was extremely important for NOTHS to understand the different levels at which users abandoned the website. A key aim was to have quite different email templates and browser journeys for different engagement levels.

The Solution

The Sub2 service allows NOTHS to send emails to site visitors that abandon the website at different levels and re-engage them with different styles of communication. Not everyone who abandons the website abandons for the same reason. Therefore the service provided NOTHS the ability to insert the templates with specific and relevant messages, products and information which related to their  journey.

As a data business it is key for Sub2 to ensure it maximises the amount of emails it can trigger for clients, while using relevant, personalised and granular datapoints.

The Results

2Prompt has fantastic results with big, incremental revenue associated to it. It has allowed NOTHS to separate different journey paths based on different browser segments which has meant increased engagement and response from the re-engagement triggers.  So much so that in some instances the abandonment emails are generating 5 times the Open and Click Through Rates compared to previous providers.

Increased engagement and number of emails sent has enabled NOTHS to generate a Net ROI of around 18:1.

Rhian James, Head of CRM, Not on the High Street

The Future

Following the success of Sub2’s 2Prompt trigger email service, NOTHS is now considering other Sub2 services, including programmatic display for New Customer Acquisition and accessing website browsing behaviour to enhance its  CRM communications.


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