The Company

Established in the UK 10 years ago, Micro Scooters has experienced exponential growth and is now the leading brand of scooters, with almost a million children owning one. Micro Scooters now sells its range of scooters and accessories both directly via the Micro Scooters website and through a wide range of online and offline retailers.

The Challenge

Micro Scooters had in place a well-established acquisition plan, however they were constantly looking for new solutions that would enable them to meet their ambitious acquisition targets. Any source of new customers needed to be scalable to deliver the level of acquisition volume that Micro Scooters needed. Additionally, any solution also needed to meet the maximum recruitment cost per customer target that was an established KPI for the business.

The Solution

Micro Scooters joined the 2Share digital network giving them access to an audience with granular levels of insight based on a person’s browsing and purchasing habits. 2Share examined what typical websites and browser behaviour their own customers exhibited around the 2Share network then used a real-time in-market bid process to display targeted programmatic adverts to look-a-like individuals who had a high propensity to purchase a scooter.

The Results

Since going live in August 2015 Micro Scooters have achieved an average CPA that is 42% below the target set. In response to the phenomenal results Micro Scooters have increased monthly investment by over 250% and plan to continue increasing investment.

Acquisition is critical to our business, so it’s essential that we find new acquisition channels that can deliver the right volume at the right ROI. We are very impressed with the performance of the 2Share model which is proving to be an invaluable acquisition channel for us.

Alison Jackson, Direct Marketing Manager, Micro Scooters


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