The Company

Established in the UK 10 years ago, Micro Scooters has experienced exponential growth and is now the leading brand of scooters, with almost a million children owning one. Micro Scooters now sells its range of scooters and accessories both directly via the Micro Scooters website and through a wide range of online and offline retailers.

The Challenge

Micro Scooters have worked hard to build a strong online presence and now enjoy tremendous traffic to their site, however like most online sites, the majority of visitors leave without converting.  This challenge meant that Micro Scooters needed to ensure every site visit was optimised to maximise ROI.

The Solution

Using Sub2’s reengagement tool 2Prompt, Micro Scooters were able to target visitors who had exited their browsing session on the Micro Scooters website without purchasing. A triggered email was sent to visitors reminding them to return and complete their purchase 1 hour after abandonment. Importantly, the intelligent technology behind 2Prompt meant that visitors did not need to be logged in to be recognised and sent a triggered communication and visitors could be targeted at a basket and product level, allowing Micro Scooters to reach a greater number of ‘lost’ visitors.

The Results

Using 2Prompt, Micro Scooters have generated a 34:1 return on investment in 2015.

It is important that we maximise every opportunity to sell through our website. Being able to reach visitors to the site, without the need to be logged in has meant we have really expanded the reach of the campaign and helped convert ‘lost sales’.

Alison Jackson, Direct Marketing Manager, Micro Scooters


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