The Company

Latitude is a multi award-winning digital marketing agency, helping brands grow their audience across a range of worldwide territories.

The Challenge

Sub2tech wanted to provide their clients with a solution to acquire new customers by combining real-time browsing and transactional data, via Latitude’s programmatic display proposition – to increase click through rates and improve ROI for all Sub2tech clients.

The Solution

Sub2tech partnered with Latitude digital marketing and established the 2Share product. This cutting-edge solution combines Sub2tech’s granular level real-time data (based on an individual’s browsing and purchasing behaviour) and Latitude’s programmatic display service, to identify consumers who are in-market for what Sub2tech’s clients have to offer. That means precisely the right people, see precisely the right product or service, advertised at the precise moment they need it.

The Results

  • Average click through rates increased by 220%, compared to other audience segmentations
  • Average ROI across Sub2 client campaigns is 400%
  • Profitable recruitment for clients

2Share has consistently delivered results across our client campaigns in terms of increased click through rates, improved cost per acquisition and impressive ROIs. We have been able to deliver market leading results using 2Share.

Andrew Harris, Head of Partner Strategy, Latitude


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