The Company

Lands’ End are an international, multi-channel mail order company that delivers ranges of own-brand clothing, footwear and outerwear to the men’s, women’s and children’s market.

The Challenge

Website analytics had shown that Lands’ End had a large number of visitors who had exited their website at varying stages of the browsing cycle. Lands’ End wanted to address this issue by offering abandoning visitors a straightforward route to return to the site and continue with the buying process.

The Solution

Lands’ End appointed Sub2 to implement a re-engagement programme using the 2Prompt product. Visitors who abandoned the site at category, product and basket level were sent triggered emails with dynamic content, driving them back to the site. The intelligent technology behind 2Prompt meant that visitors could be identified without the need for them being logged in to that session. Different templates were used to target audiences with different levels of engagement, ensuring all communications were as relevant and engaging as possible.

The Results

The 2Prompt product has had a big impact on Lands’ End with a 14:1 Return on Investment. Lands’ End plans to continue working with Sub2 on an ongoing basis.


Being able to drive abandoned visitors back to the site with personalised content has delivered real bottom line results for us. We are exceptionally happy with the results of the campaign and it has already been integrated into our ongoing marketing programme.

Ravi Gandwan, Online Retention Co-ordinator, Lands' End


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