The Company

Lands’ End are an international, multi-channel mail order company that delivers ranges of own-brand clothing, footwear and outerwear to the men’s, women’s and children’s market.

The Challenge

Lands’ End had a newsletter programme that was sent to a subscriber base, however this was a generic newsletter that went to the entire file. Lands’ End wanted to be able to segment their emails to ensure they were communicating with their newsletter audience more intelligently. Rather than sending the same message to the entire newsletter file, Lands’ End wanted to be able to personalise the newsletter to ensure it was as engaging and responsive as possible.

The Solution

Understanding not only who is engaged with the brand but what types of products those individuals are actively browsing, but not buying, gives a good indication of an individual’s propensity to purchase. Lands’ End used 2Link to give them the opportunity to access browsing data at an individual level to determine what an individual has browsed and how often. Through Sub2’s online portal, Lands’ End are able to build audiences to target with specific messages and content based on what the individual has been browsing. The result is increase relevancy and increased campaign performance.

The Results

Using 2Link Lands’ End have achieved a remarkable increase in performance;

  • 137% increase in Open Rates,
  • 103% increase on Click Through Rates,
  • 476% Increase in revenue per email sent

Lands’ End plan to be more specific with their audience selection and continue to use the Sub2 2Link data in their segmentation process.

2Link has really allowed us to change the way we market to our various audience segments. Being able to use this detailed data has meant we can create engaging campaigns that the audience interact with. The results demonstrate the impact that this level of targeting can have on campaigns.

Ravi Gandwan, Online Retention Co-ordinator, Lands' End


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