The Company

Joseph Turner is an online and mail order retailer of timeless men’s clothing made with the finest classic fabrics, and an uncompromising focus on quality.

The Challenge

Joseph Turner sell through their established website and via a mail order catalogue. With ambitious acquisition targets to meet, Joseph Turner needed to identify new sources of offline acquisition data for their catalogue acquisition channel that would both meet their response and ROI targets.

The Solution

Joseph Turner joined Sub2’s 2Share network, giving them access to a retail focused audience with an unprecedented depth of insight, based on real-time browsing and transactional data enhanced with offline insight. A look-alike audience was identified based on data available within the 2Share Network including proven purchase data and granular level browsing variables. The Joseph Turner catalogue was mailed to this highly targeted audience, along with a number of test cells, to measure the performance of the 2Share data against existing established data sources.

The Results

The 2Share offline campaign exceeded expectations, matching the existing best performing data source that had been tested and refined over a number of years. Joseph Turner have rolled out the campaign which now forms part of their ongoing acquisition strategy.

The 2Share campaign exceeded our expectations, delivering a result that matched our best performing data source from the outset. Using data with this depth of insight has allowed us to tap into a new source of high performing data that will help drive our acquisition plans.

Catherine Giles, Marketing Manager, Joseph Turner


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