The Company

The IRIS story began in Queen’s Park in 2004, when friends and local mums Annie Pollet and Sarah Claassen identified a business opportunity. Inspired by their own passion for fashion and driven by like-minded friends in the area who wanted to look stylish and shop locally – IRIS opened its doors – selling a mix of stylish, exclusive, easy to wear, fashion & accessories.

The Challenge

Iris fashion had a large number of visitors who had exited their website at varying stages of the browsing cycle. Their abandoned basket emails were not performing overly well and had no other way to reach out to those who are viewing products on their site. They wanted to address this issue by offering abandoning visitors a straightforward route to return to the site and continue with the buying process.

The Solution

Iris Fashion appointed Sub2 to implement a re-engagement programme using the 2Prompt product. Visitors who abandoned the site at product and basket level were sent triggered emails with dynamic content, driving them back to the site. The intelligent technology behind 2Prompt meant that visitors could be identified without the need for them being logged in to that session. Different templates were used to target audiences with different levels of engagement, ensuring all communications were as relevant and engaging as possible.

The Results

The 2Prompt product has had a big impact on Iris Fashion with high levels of engagement from the emails being sent. Basket email open rates in excess of 50% and ROI coming in at 22:1.

Having previously had an abandoned basket programme running with another company I have found the Sub 2 service to be proactive, transparent and result driven. The services has provided us with a simple, well constructed way of reaching customers that have abandoned the site before purchase and we have seen great results in our first 3 months.

Sally Leonard, E-Commerce Director, Iris Fashion

The Future

After this early success, Iris will be rolling out the service post trial and are keen to understand what benefits can be achieved by utilising other services within Sub2’s conversion optimisation tech stack.


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