Heal’s chose Sub2 Technologies to deliver its consistent message of “Quality” across all paid media channels.

The Company

Heal’s was founded in 1810 and has a proud heritage of celebrating creativity and sharing its love of design. It sources furniture and Homewares from top designers and is fastidious in ensuring its products are of the highest quality. It’s Flagship store opened on Tottenham Court Road in 1833 and has been a resident ever since. Heals has moved with the times and continues to run a successful online store.    

The Challenge

  • Heals were frustrated  spending time and resource managing several relationships across multiple channel-specific agencies. Each Partner had its own ideas on how things should be done, and it was rare the ideas aligned.
  • The Homewares market is competitive. Whilst Heal’s recognised it delivers superior products it still has to justify its higher prices to the customer, who is presented with a multitude of retailers selling discounted homewares and furnishings.
  • The Heals brand attracts a certain type of customer who appreciates superbly crafted furniture, made from high quality materials. For Heals to increase its Sales it needed to find a way to reach more customers that matched its customer profile.

One stop Solution

Sub2 Technologies first began working with Heals in 2015. It was charged with delivering CRM email solutions for the brand. Today, Sub2 is the only partner Heal’s has retained for more than a two-year period. For one reason or another, other providers were unable to deliver the exacting requirements the brand demands.       ​

The key benefits of the Sub2 business model is that it combines proprietary technology, unique data assets and machine learning with a team of experienced digital media specialists to deliver multi-channel campaigns to both prospects and customers. The whole solution is wrapped up in its own Digital tech-stack which links directly to all the relevant platforms. In short, Sub2 delivers a one-stop-shop for clients looking to deliver a connected experience for “in-market” shoppers and customers.       ​

Heals has found when the right audience is identified and shown consistent and sensitive creative, across multiple channels, then engagement and conversions increase.  


Once Sub2 was appointed as Heal’s Digital Media Partner it combined the efforts of its in-house analytics team and channel specialists to deliver a cross-channel strategy which included, Paid Search, Shopping, Social, Video and Display and focused on delivering relevant communications to specific and highly targeted audiences.  ​

Sub2 understood that Heals catered for an affluent and discerning customer. Therefore, great care and attention was taken to deliver subtle, thought provoking messages. The engagement strategy does not require “in-your-face” re-targeting messages, but rather inspirational images of cool, eclectic and classical designs.

The Results

When compared to the achievements of Heal’s previous Agency, year-on-year  results show substantial improvements:​

  • Marketing Budget reduced by 5%​
  • Impressions increased by 28%​
  • Engagement rates up 113% ​
  • Conversion rate up 20% ​
  • ROI increased by 82% ​​

The Future

Heal’s and Sub2 are now focusing on a multi-channel customer re-engagement program which will reach out to lapsed customers and remind them of the quality of the Heal’s product range. When past customers are sent a catalogue, they will also be engaged with Social Media, Display and Video content, thus re-enforcing the qualities and provenance of the brand.     ​

This full-funnel strategy will be made possible by employing Sub2’s Customer Data Platform, which has the advantage of onboarding offline customer data into the digital environment. Once customers can be reached across multiple channels Heals expects customer satisfaction, engagement and lifetime value to be increased.