The Company

Harrod Horticultural are an Inspirational UK designed gardening equipment and supplies business built on over 60 years of UK manufacturing expertise.

The Challenge

As Harrod are a specialist in their offerings they wanted a way in which to contact the customers that had been to their site. They appreciate their products are more of a considered purchase but wanted to ensure their customers know why they should choose Harrod. They also wanted to ensure that the emails being sent were relevant and engaging and would help bring those customers back to site and view their products after abandoning a basket, product or even category.

The Solution

A campaign was devised to send triggered emails to visitors who had exited their session after placing items in their basket or after simply browsing a particular category. Emails were sent within an hour of exiting the session to entice the browser back to the site.

Emails featured the products that were being browsed or had been put in the basket along with best-selling products from the same category browsed. An invitation to complete the purchase or view the products again was also included. Harrod also have some made to order products which we built specific email templates for. If these products were abandoned this template would go out to those individuals explaining the benefits and providing more information about the service they offer.

The Results

The initial campaign over-performed against expectations. During a Three Month period, a little over 40,000 e-mails were delivered, achieving an average open rate of 52% across all triggers (abandon basket, product and category), a click through rate of 11% and an impressive ROI of 55:1.

We’ve been inspired by the success of 2Prompt triggered emails for Harrod Horticultural. Results have far exceeded our expectations with only fairly limited set up time required at our end, and therefore the return on our investment ongoing is substantial. We will definitely be looking to extend and expand our dealings with Sub2 going forward.

Jon Couch, Director of Marketing, Harrod Horticultural

The Future

Following the success of the 2Prompt triggered emails, Harrod are now looking to run targeting email campaigns during certain sale periods. Harrod are also looking into 2Shop for their data capture (for emails and targeting questions to learn more about their customers).


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