The Company

Freemans Grattan Holdings (FGH) was formed from the merger of mail order giants Freemans and Grattan in 1999. Since then, the company has successfully adapted to the challenges of a rapidly changing market, placing the internet at the core of its business.

The Challenge

FGH has three business units operating across 10 brand websites. Although FGH had an existing abandoned basket programme in place, the business wanted to be more granular in its approach and deliver relevant re-engagement communications to as many of its customers and newsletter subscribers as possible.

FGH were aware that there was a propensity for site visitors to switch between different FGH brands in the same browsing session, so it was essential that the re-engagement programme could handle these complexities and ensure customers received communications from the right brand at the right time.

The Solution

FGH appointed Sub2 to create a re-engagement programme using its 2Prompt product. The programme re-engaged browsers that abandoned the site before making a purchase, not just at an abandoned basket level but also at a category and product page level, thus allowing FGH more opportunities to engage with their valuable audience.

Due to the number of brands involved, an algorithm was developed to ensure audiences were sent emails from the right brand at the right time.

The Results

The initial campaign over-performed against expectations. During a Three Month period, 451,000 e-mails were delivered, achieving an open rate of 65.7%, a click through rate of 15.71% and an impressive ROI of £37.35 to 1.

Following the success of the trial the 2Prompt campaign has been rolled out and is due to be further developed by adding personalised offers to the emails.

We are extremely pleased with the service levels and technical support provided by Sub2. They were able to adapt their Software as a Service technology to our particular requirements and deliver specifically branded communications to the right customers. The performance of the 2Prompt campaign has surpassed expectations and allowed us to focus our efforts on maximising the returns from a variety of audience segments. We are looking forward to building on this success by intelligently using dynamic content and offers that will further engage and reward our customers’ loyalty.

Phil Jones, Digital Analytics Manager, Freemans Grattan Holdings


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