The Company

Flower Card began in 2000, sending hand-picked fresh flowers in artist designed cards. To date, Flower Card has delivered over one million orders, making them one of the biggest companies in mail order flowers.

The Challenge

As an online retailer Flower Card had a healthy stream of visitors to their website however they wanted to optimise the browsing experience to improve conversions from specific audience segments, specifically new and returning visitors.

The Solution

Flower Card used Sub2’s 2Shop product that enabled them to recognise different browsing individuals and display relevant content and offers via banners, depending on their browsing behaviour. Media codes were used to provide a clear understanding of the performance of each of the promotions. Importantly, 2Shop allowed Flower Card to exclude existing customers from receiving introductory offers to cannibalising profit margins from this audience segment.

The Results

Results from the campaign have been strong, with 23% of orders being influenced by the 2Shop programme.

2Shop has demonstrated strong results and real potential for Flower Card. Being able to target non buyers with offers without affecting the messaging and offers displayed to our known customers has been extremely valuable and a first for us.

Graham Winn, Owner, Flower Card


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