The Company

Damart was founded in France in 1953 by three brothers famous for developing and patenting Thermolactyl, a unique man-made fibre now renowned for its ability to provide warmth without lots of bulky layers. Today Damart UK is based in Yorkshire, and continues to deliver unrivalled quality, value and excellent customer service.

The Challenge

Damart have an established communications programme to their existing customer base and wanted to understand what the effect of adding real-time targeted programmatic display into the communications. The challenge was to demonstrate the incremental impact display adverts were having.

The Solution

Damart appointed Sub2 to conduct a 3 month 50/50 split test, with half the audience seeing a generic Charity display adverts and the other half seeing a Damart targeted advert. Sub2 measured and reported regularly on the total number of orders both audiences received and measuring the delta between the two, to understand the impact the programme was having in increasing sales.

The Results

The campaign has delivered an excellent response over the 3 month test period delivering a 50% increase in the Damart programmatic ads over the Charity adverts. This demonstrated the large incremental value that the display ads were having. The CPA of the delta of the orders was also extremely competitive. As a result, Damart have rolled out the programme.

This test has demonstrated the additional value that Programmatic advertising has had for our brand, by providing a cost effective way to increase orders from our own customer base and recruit new customers at an excellent CPA.

Ben Phillips, Senior Customer Experience Manager, Damart


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