The Company

Damart was founded in France in 1953 by three brothers famous for developing and patenting Thermolactyl, a unique man-made fibre now renowned for its ability to provide warmth without lots of bulky layers. Today Damart UK is based in Yorkshire, and continues to deliver unrivalled quality, value and excellent customer service.

The Challenge

Damart invested heavily in pushing traffic to their eCommerce site in order to drive customer acquisition, however their web analytics indicated a proportion of visitors abandoned the Damart site after browsing specific products and categories, or after placing items in their basket. Damart realised this was a lost opportunity and wanted to re-engage with these abandoned browsers to see if they could increase conversions from this audience segment.

The Solution

Damart appointed Sub2 to create a re-engagement programme using re-engagement product 2Prompt. Abandoned site visitors received a re-engagement email within 1 hour of leaving the site, encouraging them to go back and complete their purchase. 2Prompt used the individuals browsing insight to personalise the email and had the ability to target individuals who had abandoned the site after placing items in their basket as well as those who had abandoned the Damart site after engaging with a particular product or category.

The Results

Results from the 2Prompt campaign have been impressive with an open rate of 47%, a click through rate of 9% and a 29:1 return on investment.

Being able to re-engage with this audience before they engage with one of our competitors has been phenomenal. We previously considered them to be ‘lost’ now we are able to re-engage with visitors and recapture valuable income. The ROI of this activity really speaks for itself.

Ben Phillips, Senior Customer Experience Manager, Damart


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