The Company

Crew Clothing is a multi-channel fashion retailer with 70 UK Stores, and a direct retail business with a turnover of around £15 million.

The Challenge

Crew Clothing was aware that a substantial number of consumers who visited its website would browse a number of categories and products but then leave without making a purchase or even creating a shopping basket. It was keen to re-engage with these consumers who had shown a clear interest in their products – and in doing so, drive up its conversion and online sales performance.

Iain MacDonald, Multichannel Marketing Director at Crew Clothing, explains, “The reasons why we chose Sub2 Technologies as our partner was that their ability to bring together online and offline data in real-time, meant our targeting was immediately improved. Moreover, the technology required was easy and inexpensive to implement and worked seamlessly with our incumbent ESP, e-Commerce platform and print suppliers.

The Solution

The Abandon Browse email programme was simple to implement. Returning customers or registered users who had viewed a particular product but left before making a purchase or making product selections were sent a triggered e-mail upon leaving the website. This immediately re-engaged the consumer and drove many back to the site to make a considered purchase.

The Results

Having implemented the Sub2 software, Crew Clothing are achieving 52% more sales than the abandon basket programme they had been using. Over the 12 month budget cycle that translates to £300,000 of additional income, giving Crew  Clothing a return on their investment of over 15 to 1.

Iain MacDonald adds, “These are smart solutions to challenging issues faced by all e-tailers.  At this level of conversion, the Sub2 Technologies programme is set to become an integral part of our online strategy”.

The Future

Due to the success of the Abandon Browse programme, Crew Clothing has also appointed Sub2 Technologies to fully manage its Abandon Basket programme and Sub2’s Analytics division is delivering greater customer insight by integrating Crew Clothing’s purchase history data with online browsing behaviour.


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