The Company

Aimed at individually-minded customers who want to create a unique and beautiful home, Cox & Cox was launched in 2001 with the aim of creating a handpicked collection of homeware products that consumers couldn’t find in traditional catalogues.

The Challenge

As an online and mail order business Cox & Cox invested heavily in driving traffic to their website however a significant proportion of visitors left the site after browsing or even putting items in their basket. Rather than accepting these browsers and their potential sales as lost, Cox & Cox wanted to identify ways to re-engage with these abandoned browsers in order to recapture this lost revenue.

The Solution

2Prompt software was used to re-engage with browsers after they had left the site. The campaign worked on a number of levels, targeting browsers who had exited after browsing a product category, a specific product or after placing items in their basket. Re-engagement emails were sent within one hour and a second email was sent 24 hours after leaving the site. Those who had abandoned their basket were reminded to return and complete their purchase and those had abandoned the site after browsing specific products or categories received an email with dynamically inserted content featuring best sellers from the product category they had viewed.

The Results

The results from the campaign have been impressive with over £1million in lost sales being recaptured over 12 months, through abandon basket, product, category and homepage emails. The re-engagement campaign received a return per email sent of £1.97.

The results of this campaign have surpassed our expectations. This campaign has shown that it is possible to re-engage with lost browsers and if done correctly, with the right content and timing, it is possible to convert them into customers. We are looking forward to further developing this campaign.

Roderick G Taylor, Managing Director, Cox & Cox


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