The Company

Aimed at individually-minded customers who want to create a unique and beautiful home, Cox & Cox was launched in 2001 with the aim of creating a handpicked collection of homeware products that consumers couldn’t find in traditional catalogues.

The Challenge

Cox & Cox had identified two segments of browser that had the lowest conversion rate. These were first time visitors to site and returning visitors to site who had never purchased. Cox & Cox wanted to identify ways to improve the browsing experience for these two target groups in order to further engage them and drive up response rates.

The Solution

Cox & Cox implemented the 2Shop solution which recognises in real time a returning customer, browser and first time visitor. For the two audiences identified, a banner on the home page, product page and category page was displayed offering a discount code to encourage conversion. Audiences who had previously converted well were not offered the discount. This enabled Cox & Cox to target these audiences with a high degree of accuracy, without the need for a blanket incentive that would cannibalise revenues from well performing customer segments.

The Results

Initial 50/50 testing and subsequent roll out demonstrated that 2Shop generates an impressive 26% uplift in sales within the two underperforming audience segments identified. The use of personalised content is now an integral part of online strategy for Cox & Cox.

Personalised content and offers has really helped us to increase sales from audiences that we have previously found hard to convert. This tactical use of promotions has meant that we can benefit from their use while excluding them from blanket use. We are very excited about the results and looking forward to finding new ways to personalise the browsing and shopping experience for our customers.

Roderick G Taylor, Managing Director, Cox & Cox


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