The company

Aimed at individually-minded customers who want to create a unique and beautiful home, Cox & Cox was launched in 2001 with the aim of creating a handpicked collection of homeware products that consumers couldn’t find in traditional catalogues.

The Challenge

Cox & Cox are a successful, growing retail business with an established acquisition strategy based primarily around their catalogue. With ambitious acquisition plans in place, Cox & Cox needed to identify new recruitment channels that would be scalable and allow them to meet their acquisition targets in the longer term. As well as achieving acquisition targets, Cox & Cox also needed to generate customers at a £20 cost per lead in line with established company KPI’s. These two objectives formed the brief for the 2Share Digital campaign.

The Solution

Cox & Cox became a member of the 2Share Digital network, giving them access to a large pool of browsing data that allowed them to create a highly targeted, real time digital display acquisition campaign. The 2Share algorithm continually evaluated the 2Share digital network to find lookalike prospects (cookies) to those who had recently purchased on the Cox & Cox website. The target audience were served relevant, real-time online display adverts with a 20% discount offer. This offer was mirrored on-site via banners and pre-populated in the browsers basket to encourage conversion. The use of in-market browsing data allowed Cox & Cox to target a precise audience with an attractive introductory offer whilst they were shopping on-line.

The Results

The campaign not only demonstrated excellent engagement with a 0.16% click through rate, it also delivered a 5:1 Return on Marketing Investment and a £19 cost per lead which represented a 5% decrease against target.

Although this campaign is relatively short in its duration, I have been very impressed with the initial results. It has shown the power of combining browsing data with real time targeting to create a right audience, right time scenario. The results have made the decision to move 2Share Digital from a short project test scenario to a full channel relatively easy. I look forward to continuing this work with Sub2 and establishing a viable long term recruitment strategy around this technology.

Roderick G Taylor, Managing Director, Cox & Cox


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