The Company

Aimed at individually-minded customers who want to create a unique and beautiful home, Cox & Cox was launched in 2001 with the aim of creating a handpicked collection of homeware products that consumers couldn’t find in traditional catalogues.

The Challenge

Cox & Cox had an existing email communication programme in place, however they wanted to increase effectiveness and frequency of contact with their customer and prospect base without over communicating and fatiguing them. In order to do this, Cox & Cox wanted a solution that would allow them to deliver welcome, relevant and engaging content that would drive conversions.

The Solution

Cox & Cox used 2Link to drive the targeting of their campaigns in order to make them precisely relevant and engaging. Browsing data was used to identify categories and subcategories that visitors were interested in purchasing at that specific time. Consumers were then sent a category specific email relevant to their recent browsing behaviour.

The Results

The campaign not only demonstrated excellent engagement with a 38% open and 9% click through rate, it also increased revenue by almost £300k over 8 months and generated an ROI of 50 to 1.

This campaign has had a real impact on our business. It has allowed us to see the power of browsing data and the effect this can have on response rates. Combining a powerful message driven by a knowledge of what this person is looking at purchasing right now has allowed us to reach consumers in a way that we have never been able to before.

Roderick G Taylor, Managing Director, Cox & Cox


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