Acquire Customers

Consumers now shop using multiple channels, and buying cycles have been dramatically reduced. It is no longer enough to target consumers based on what they have bought in the past. What consumers are browsing now is essential insight for reaching consumers at the right time, with the right offer.

How it works

2Share is a members-only cooperative designed for the digital marketplace.  Bringing together browsing and transactional data from all participants to create the first real-time cooperative, 2Share delivers unrivalled insight into consumers shopping needs.

This precisely targeted data can be used to create responsive and fully integrated multi-channel campaigns, based on detailed insight into what the consumer has purchased in the past, and importantly what they are browsing now.

How to join

2Share is a members-only co-operative that is actively opted-into by participating retailers. To find out more about 2Share and how you can become a member, contact James Taylor on 020 766 58222.

Why is 2Share different?

2Share is the first cooperative that combines real-time browsing and transactional data. With this detailed insight, 2Share members are able to build responsive, multi-channel campaigns as well as benefit from:

Unsurpassed recency
Browsing and transactional data are captured in real-time across all member sites ensuring market leading recency.

Browsing data
Unlike traditional data that only tells us what comers have previously bought, 2Share give us the ability to understand what consumers intend to buy now.

Data consistency
With all members providing a real-time feed into 2Share, there are never any data gaps. Consistent data, combined with unrivalled recency provide the building blocks for all 2Share campaigns.

Ability to target digitally & offline
With real-time browsing data and transactional data, 2Share gives you the ability to reach your audience through on and offline channels.



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